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Top 5 at eMerge Americas

AudiSee is proud to have placed as a Top 5 University at the eMerge Americas conference. There were so many amazing innovations and companies participating in the competition, but the atmosphere was friendly and uplifting. All the companies who presented did a phenomenal job and we were honored to be alongside future leaders in the tech world! Great job to everyone and good luck in your endeavors!

The emerge Americas conference is truly unique in its innovative atmosphere and ability to assemble entrepreneurs, titans of industry, and small-scale startups all under one (admittedly huge) roof. Startups and companies entering the pitch competition spend months prepping with an incredible network of coaches and advisors (shoutout to Venture Mentoring Team), then spend their first day at eMerge presenting to teams of judges. Then, the conference begins, bringing in huge institutions like University of Miami and Microsoft to share and connect with the competitors and 20,000+ attendees of this event. Once the scores are tallied, competitors either move on to pitch again as the contestant pool shrinks or enjoy the myriad of activities and food at the conference.

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