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Welcome to the AudiSee Help Center. We have pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our followers and compiled them all into one place. Perhaps you may have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind-here you will find what you are looking for. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, do not hesitate to reach out.

What is the AudiSee device?

The AudiSee is a wearable sonification device that allows blind or visually impaired people to navigate and understand their surroundings in real-time.  It attaches around the user's waist, similar to a belt buckle.  The device plays audio cues which form a "mental map" in the user's head.  This means they can move confidently through their environment, understanding what is in front of them similar to how a bat or dolphin uses echolocation to navigate and detect prey.  AudiSee is designed to enhance the safety of blind or visually impaired people who use the conventional white cane or a guide dog, or even replace these devices after reaching a level of proficiency in training.  

What does "sonification" mean?

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey or enable a person to understand information.  The Audisee does this, translating location data into tones which form a "mental map" in the user's head.  

How does it know what's in front of the user?

The AudiSee uses LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors.  These sensors are located on the front of the device, worn on the user's waist.  They emit lasers which bounce off objects and reflect back, allowing the device to receive 3D location data which it then translates into information that the user can then understand. 

Don, a blind veteran, skippering (driving) a sailboat at Shake-A-leg Miami

Where did the idea come from?

There is a very special place in Coconut Grove, Miami called Shake-A-Leg Miami, a sailing and watersports center for people with disabilities.  While working here, our CEO, Mac Clifton, learned about a fleet of blind sailors from a visually impaired veteran named Don (pictured below).  She was inspired by these people, racing sailboats up and down the coast without vision and immediately saw the need for them to have a dynamic, hands-free way of understanding of their surroundings.  In speaking with Don and other members of the visually impaired community, Mac began to understand the drastic disparity between the capacity for independence and actual ability of these people to navigate the world independently due solely to the lack of assistive technology.  After reading a book called The Body Builders which featured static "soundscape" technology, the idea for dynamic soundscape navigation began to fabricate.  

In August of 2022, when our team assembled to begin our Senior Design Capstone project, we investigated a variety of needs, ultimately deciding to look for a way for blind individuals to dynamically perceive and navigate their immediate surroundings.  We elected to tackle this because of its feasibility and potential to drastically improve  the lives of millions of people.

Who is the AudiSee for?

There are over 4 million blind or visually impaired individuals living in the US alone, relying on archaic, limiting methods to navigate the world.  Our device has the potential to drastically improve the freedom and independence of these people-- young and old.  We plan to initially release the AudiSee to patients at reputable eye institutions and hospitals, targeting younger users and those who need it the most.  Though this marketing strategy relies on starting small in niche populations, we have big plans for future applications of the AudiSee.

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