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Lessons Learned: Reflections on Placing Third at Embry Riddle's Launch Your Venture

AudiSee recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in Embry-Riddle's prestigious Launch Your Venture competition, an event that brings together innovative startups to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. We were thrilled to be part of this exhilarating experience, where we not only gained valuable insights but also had the privilege of being recognized with a third-place finish.

A Hearty Competition

The Launch Your Venture competition was fierce, and the caliber of the other presenters was truly outstanding. Each startup brought forward creative and forward-thinking concepts that left us in awe. We were humbled to be in such esteemed company and learned a great deal from our peers. It was an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie as we all shared our visions and dreams for the future.

AudiSee's Moment of Triumph

For AudiSee, the competition was a moment of validation for the hard work and dedication we've put into our groundbreaking sonification device. Our technology, which harnesses the power of sound to provide spatial information and effectively achieves a form of artificial echolocation, truly resonated with the judges and audience.

Third-Place Finish

AudiSee is excited to announce that we secured the third-place position at the competition. This recognition not only filled us with a sense of accomplishment but also came with a substantial prize, including a check and in-kind prizes that will significantly aid us in our journey to bring AudiSee to a broader audience.

Building Connections

Beyond the accolades and prizes, the competition provided us with the chance to connect with a wide array of individuals who share our vision. We met like-minded innovators, potential partners, and experts who can offer guidance and support as we continue to develop and refine our AudiSee technology.

The Future of AudiSee

Our journey is far from over. With the experience gained from the Launch Your Venture competition, and the knowledge and resources we've acquired, we are even more determined to drive AudiSee forward. We are committed to empowering individuals with visual impairments and enhancing their quality of life.

AudiSee's journey at the Launch Your Venture competition was a resounding success. Third place is just the beginning of our venture, and we are excited to take what we've learned and the recognition we've received to continue improving and expanding our innovative sonification device. We are grateful to Embry-Riddle and all those who supported us on this incredible journey. The future looks bright, and we can't wait to share it with you.

check out Embry Riddle's article here!

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